Seminars for Professionals

Martin Petroff & Associates now offers a seminar, Medicaid 2012!, for professionals only, to be presented at social-service agencies, nursing homes, adult-day-care centers, home-health-care offices, hospitals and assisted-living facilities. 

There is no charge for this seminar, which is presented by Martin Petroff.  Issues to be covered include new Medicaid transfer-of-assets rules for nursing-home eligibility, look-back and penalty periods, supplemental needs trusts for disabled persons, pooled-income trusts, and guardianships.

To either schedule a presentation at your facility or to reserve a place for the same presentation at the office of Martin Petroff & Associates in Manhattan, call (212) 679-5800 or e-mail us.

Martin Petroff & Associates offices are conveniently located
at 270 Madison Avenue in midtown Manhattan, between 39th and 40th, a few blocks from Grand Central Station.  Parking is available at garages nearby (scroll down to view maps; click on + or - signs to zoom in or out). Click here to get directions to our offices via subway or bus.

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